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Selection of solder.

Stainless steel stainless steel: minimum solder joints: the need for high strength, the use of ZK108 high temperature welding line, such as the small middle beam, stainless steel screws, three pieces of head.
General solder joints: the need for high strength, smooth welding, selection of ZK107 high temperature welding line. Such as the beam, pipe, mouth.
Solder joints: the need for good fluidity, smooth appearance, such as: steel plate frame, Zhuang tou, a clamp mouth, choose 5081, ZK106; if you need to take into account the weld strength, choose paper anlayzes, ZK107-1.
Stainless steel - material: large solder joints: the need for good mobility, selection of 5081, ZK106.
Small spot: the need for high strength, use ZK107 or 5081, ZK107-1, such as beam, steel ring.
Stainless steel - paktong: large solder joints: weld line of low temperature, good fluidity, use ZK106 or 5081. Small solder joints: the selection of ZK107-1, 5081, ZK107.
Mongolia, paktong: various solder joints: all soldering wires can be welded, just at different temperatures, the price.
Beryllium copper casting: need low temperature, high strength, no case of welding wire, the 5081.

Our welding line is compared with other foreign welding lines:

1. Stable performance, the price is cheap, has been close to some of the better than similar products.
2. Technical services in the after-sales service is similar products can not be compared, there are professional welding technical personnel services.

Common problems in the welding process of glasses and the reasons for their formation.

1. Weld is not full.

Weld full is due to solder did not completely attached, the causes of May is due to the frame welding gap is too large, or with insufficient solder or solder paste by impure objects impede to fill all space.

2. The weld surface is not smooth, there are pinhole. Blisters appear.

After welding, surface roughness is because welding when the heating temperature is too high, the evaporation causes solder; pinhole, sand holes is due to insufficient heating or not to intervene in the intervention of pure compounds (impurities). Or due to the joints without fixture, caused by a plurality of times of remelting, it is recommended selection of containing high silver welding line welding can avoid these problems. When using two welding welding, can effectively reduce the appearance of trachoma. Particularly for sand blasting frames.

3. Solder out of the seam (run off).

This is due to the solder paste with too much or silver solder used too much, or solder formulations which can and 5081 welding line can avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon.

4. welding seam welding strength is not enough.

A.Weld the welding is mainly due to the welding after rapid cooling, or solder solidification moving and dislocation of the workpiece, or because of cold weather or climate change may also cracking. In addition, the combination of the welding before the oxidation of the skin if there is no clean, the workpiece surface oxidation is more serious, it will cause false welding and cause welding.
B.Parent material too much heat, the mother material itself is organized in a change, or base metal with low melting point fusible metal volatile combustion, resulting in weld cracking.
C.The material of the base material is not uniform, which is caused by the heating of the heat, which leads to the welding of the weld.
D.Welding, because the heating time is too long, cause the parent material grain growth, resulting in brittle fracture.
E.Welding line itself is not enough strength, need to use high strength welding line.

5.Welding seam welding after electroplating.

A.Due to the plating, hydrogen ions will be precipitated on the base metal adsorption, resulting in hydrogen embrittlement; pickling sometimes weld will have residual deposit, causing galvanic corrosion; sometimes it is because weld with trachoma, electroplating is easy to cause open welding.
B.In addition the weld welding solder is too small, and no R angle transition, easy to cause sharp pickling corrosion, sealing off.

Solution and matters needing attention

1.Should control the weld gap in 0.05-0.13mm.
2.Will the welding surface clean before welding (excluding oil and oxide) and select the appropriate solder paste (low and high temperature).
3.The design of the welding joint should be considered when designing the glasses.
4.The high-end glasses after welding to completely remove the solder paste, the best selection of boiling water cleaning, otherwise it will damage the plating coating.
5.Because of the thick oxide layer on the surface of stainless steel and titanium alloy, the suitable pickling solution should be removed. To completely remove rust and oil. The time of welding process should be as short as possible.
6.It is necessary to warm the heat, welding defects are many due to uneven heating or heating caused by insufficient cooling methods and the time required to pay attention to.
7.Choose the right welding line, do not blindly emphasize the high silver content of the welding line.

Stainless steel pickling process.

1.Pickling: first in addition to the wax liquid cleaning oil, water wash, in (20% nitric acid solution +5% hydrochloric acid) soak for 3 minutes, to the stainless steel surface color dark, after taking out with hot water to clean.
2.After cleaning, the workpiece is put into the solution to prevent acidification of stainless steel, welding can be removed.