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    What is silver brazing?

    Silver brazing is a brazing method in which the base metal or filler metal to be connected is silver.

    Brazing refers to a welding method in which the filler metal below the melting point of the weldment and the weldment are heated to the melting temperature of the filler metal at the same time, and the gap of the solid workpiece is filled with liquid filler metal to make the metal connect.

    During brazing, the oxide film and oil stain on the contact surface of the base metal should be removed first, so as to facilitate the capillary to play a role after the solder melts and increase the wettability and capillary fluidity of the solder. According to the different melting points of solder, brazing can be divided into hard brazing and soft brazing.

    It can be divided into aluminum brazing, stainless steel brazing, titanium alloy brazing, high temperature alloy brazing, ceramic brazing, composite material brazing, silver brazing, copper brazing, etc. according to the difference of the connected base metal or filler metal.