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    What is solder paste? What is flux? What is rosin?

    1. Different raw materials


    Solid pine resin, raw material of flux. It mainly helps to remove the oxide on the pad in the welding of circuit board parts, which is beneficial to the soldering of solder.

    scaling powder

    It is a kind of auxiliary material for welding, but the flux is composed of rosin, activator and some additives. It is processed on the basis of rosin. It has stronger performance and is better than rosin.

    Solder paste

    The main components are metal powder, rosin, organic acid, thixotropic agent and active agent. It is used for welding of SMT automatic mounting process. It is an upgrade substitute of flux and solder process with high automation and high welding precision.

    2. Different corrosivity:

    The clean surface will hang tin well, which is also the reason why the solder paste contains corrosive components in addition to rosin and other surfactants. Through slight corrosion, the surface can be thoroughly cleaned to make the solder hang well.

    Rosin is only a simple surfactant, so that solder and solder surface can be fully wetted.

    3. Different melting points:

    The melting point of flux is much lower than that of solder.

    When we are welding, the flux will melt first than the solder material, and cover the solder surface quickly to prevent the metal surface from oxidation, and can react with the surface oxide film of solder at high temperature to melt and restore the pure metal surface.